ELCOME to my blog, What Our Hymns Can Teach Us: Jewels of Theology. I am Fr. Constantine, and I am a priest of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, serving the Holy Trinity Parish Family in Concord NH.

In What Our Hymns Can Teach Us I hope to explore the beautiful hymns of our Church. I want to look not only at the profound theology, but at how we can discover this theology through the poetic devices used in the hymns.

What will we be exploring in this blog?

Poetry is different from a theological textbook; poetry can reveal the truths of the faith through simple devices, such as putting words next to each other to expand the meaning of each or to contrast them, connecting words through rhyme and rhythm, and other ways of bringing deeper meaning out of how the words are used.

I want to show how these hymns are not just theological text books, but truly little jewels, each revealing different facets of the Faith.

I look forward to having you join me in our weekly Friday exploration of these jewels. I am hoping that, as we dig deeper into the poetry of the hymns together, we will come to an appreciation of both our hymns and our theology through the heart and not only through the mind.  I also look forward to your feedback; please suggest your favorite hymns for us to explore together! Make sure not to miss a blog post! Subscribe to the site by submitting your email address to our email list.


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