It seems that my children, at least some of them, are not capable of keeping Christmas gifts for giving at Christmas! So, in that spirit of wonderful anticipation, I would like to give the brave souls who venture to read my poor daily offerings a Christmas gift of love. Here is a small selection of aphorisms of Mother Gavrilia. Read them slowly and carefully. Sometimes the shortest ones are the most profound! Let the words seep into your heart and retreat there often during the day to think about them, and what they mean in your life. Pick one to implement today! Merry Christmas!

  1. There is nothing cheaper than money.
  2. If you love the whole world, the whole world is beautiful.
  3. Man wants his freedom. Why? So that he may be a slave to his own passions.
  4. When the mind is not distracted by worldly matters and  and remains united to God, then even the “Good Day” that we say becomes a blessing.
  5. Never identify a person with the wrong way in which he is treating you, but see Christ in his heart.
  6. Never ask: “Why has this happened to me?” When you see somebody suffering from gangrene or cancer or blindness, never say: “Why has this happened to him?” Instead, pray God to grant you the vision of the other shore…Then, like the Angels, you will be able to see things as they really are: Everything in god’s plan. EVERYTHING.
  7. If you do not like somebody, think that you see Christ in that person. then, you would not even dare utter a word of criticism.
  8. We must love people and accept them in our hearts as god presents them to us. It has been ordained by the Lord Himself and by the Orthodox Tradition.
  9. What we say remains in eternity.
  10. The voice of God is silence.

Remain a little in silence now to hear that voice!

(taken from The Ascetic of Love by Nun Gavrilia)